About Outdoor Safety

Since 1991, Outdoor Safety has been an industry leader in producing premium quality first aid kits designed for the sporting, hunting and working canine. We have supplied thousands of sportsmen, trainers, handlers and pet owners throughout the United States and Canada with our kits. The name Outdoor Safety is synonymous with QUALITY. Not just the perception or appearance of quality... but real, actual quality.

Thanks to our many loyal customers over the years, we're here today, stronger than ever and still growing. We don't have a lengthy mission statement, just a single sentence hanging on the wall since day one:

All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee - there is NO RISK. If you're new to Outdoor Safety, we welcome you and thank you for this opportunity.



Betsy... The Reason We're Here

In June of 1989, I crossed paths with this tailwagging runt of an accidental litter. Betsy was 1/2 Flat-Coated Retriever, 1/2 Yellow Lab. In appearance and behavior, she took after her father, a Flat-Coat.

One day in 1990, while hunting pheasants in Oregon, Betsy cut a foot pad. I sure could have used a Gun Dog First Aid Kit, but they were hard to find back then. The few that could be found were low quality. Not long after that... Outdoor Safety was born and Betsy was the reason. This business and our kits would not exist today, if not for her.

She loved to hunt pheasants, morning and evening runs, truck/car rides, chasing squirrels, swimming, carrots, fetching anything, spending afternoons with her "Grandma" (my Mom) and sharing an apple with her "Buddy" (my Dad).

She was the most kind-hearted soul I have ever known. A true and loyal friend who touched many lives over the years. Over Labor Day weekend 2000, Betsy was put down due to kidney failure. To the end, she never gave up or made a fuss. She left countless friends behind in Minnesota and Oregon.

It's hard to know how to finish a dedication to one of your best friends - and beyond that - how do you properly honor one who has done so much and expected so little in return? I don't know. So I'll just paraphrase two of the many kind comments from a card sent by Betsy's veterinarian and his staff:
"Betsy meant a lot to everybody... she was more than 'just a dog'. I'll always remember that slow, patient wagging tail...she will always be remembered with smiles and pleasant thoughts." Dr. Ken
"Betsy was a very special girl, we'll all miss her a bunch. Whenever a tail wags, I'll think of her." Dez

How lucky am I?

Clint Ronnenberg
Outdoor Safety owner

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