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Field Model 800

Field Model 800 Sport Dog Wound Kit

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Pro Model 1000

Pro Model 1000 Sport Dog First Aid Kit

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Pro Model 2000

Pro Model 2000 Sport Dog First Aid Kit

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Pro Model 3000

Pro Model 3000 Sport Dog First Aid Kit

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Skin Staplers

Sterile Skin Stapler

Sterile 35W Skin Stapler

35W Skin Stapler

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  • Human or Veterinary Use
  • 35 Wide Preloaded Staples
  • Sterile Surgical Quality
  • Instructions Included
  • Contoured Handle Design for Improved Grip and Easier More Accurate Application

Staple Remover also available

Staple remover

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  • Provides quick and easy removal of Surgical Skin Staples
  • Sterile device

"Surgical quality skin staplers at an affordable price."

A sterile 35W Skin Stapler can be a life-saver when you're faced with a severe emergency and have no access to professional treatment.

This surgical quality skin stapler has 35 wide preloaded staples contained in a uniquely designed device. The stapler has a contoured design for improved grip and easier staple application.


Veterinary Clinics
First Aid Kits
Emergency "Go Bags"
Remote Locations (no medical facilities)

Staple Specifications

Closed staple width: 6.8mm
Closed staple height: 4mm
Staple diameter: 0.58mm

Expiration Date:
The Manufacturer Representative states that this item is sterile as long as packaging is sealed (not damaged or otherwise opened). Therefore, there is no expiration date on this item.

Sterile Skin Stapler