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"Sooner or later your dog will injure himself, and if you don't have a first aid kit, what are you going to do? The Outdoor Safety folks have been answering that question with their line of canine first aid kits for over 20 years.

Their newest model, the 1000 Sport K-9 First Aid Kit, was designed to give sportsmen an economical solution for gun dog field emergencies. It contains 63 high quality items in a tough, gate-hinged cordura carrying bag."

Gun Dog Magazine / 2012 Equipment Issue - September 2012

"Trainers Best Friends: Must Have Gear. K-9 First Aid Kit… buy one like the Pro Model [#2000] Canine Kit from Outdoor Safety."

Field & Stream / Sportsman's Notebook section - July 2012

"Outdoor Safety. Their six complete kits are more extensive than any other offerings I’ve seen. Their top-selling Pro Model 2000 Sport K-9 First Aid Kit retails for $99.95, and trust me, if you were to buy all this stuff separately, it would cost a lot more."

"I’ve got a huge first aid kit I’ve accumulated over the years, but I found myself checking this one [2000 Pro Model] to see what I was missing. Outdoor Safety has been around for over 20 years and focuses on quality. In other words, these kits feature items that you will actually use, and all are veterinarian approved."

Dave Carty, Gun Dog Magazine – September 2010

"The canine first aid kit that meets all needs: The 2000 Pro Model Kit from Outdoor Safety."

Steve Masello, Midwest Outdoors – September 2009

"Outdoor Safety… this company has been putting its kits together for over 20 years [1991], and they’ve got it down to a science. The top of the line is Pro Model 2000. From Benadryl to hydration mix, trauma pad to SAM splint, this has nearly everything but the vet himself packed inside."

Jennifer L.S. Pearsall, Gun Dog Magazine - September 2009

"I examined Outdoor Safety’s top seller, the Pro Model 2000 Sport Canine First Aid Kit. It contains 90 items. Pawing through them, I felt like I do on Christmas morning. I rank this as the best value."
[Pro Model 2000 Kit awarded "Top Dog" distinction over its competitors]

Arden Moore, Tufts University Newsletter: Your Dog - July 2009

"Outdoor Safety’s 2000 Pro Model Sport Canine First Aid Kit is widely regarded as the most comprehensive canine first aid kit available."

Chad S. Mason, Gun Dog Magazine – September 2008

"Buy the Outdoor Safety Basic Kit [777 Sport Dog Field Kit] to carry in the pocket of a hunting jacket or game vest when appropriate. And buy the Premium Kit [2000 Pro Model Kit] to carry in your vehicle, keep at your hunting shack or to put in your field bag."

Jerry Thoms, Gun Dog Magazine – August 2007

"...every hunter should carry a kit of supplies to treat [canine] injuries. Outdoor Safety markets gun dog first aid kits that include all the essentials, plus more."

Lee Leschper, Amarillo Globe News – February 2, 2003



"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your 2000 Pro Model Canine First Aid Kit. I ordered one several months ago for our 3 labs and we were just blown away. First, of all by the quality of the carrying bag and then we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of useful things included inside. It is the best dog first aid kit I have ever seen and is worth every penny! Thanks for making a quality product that is exactly as (and more than) advertised."

K.C. Cottonwood, AZ

"Got a story for you....had my Vizsla out hunting a month ago and he hit a cut off stake in some tall grass, cut his chest open pretty good. I ran to my truck and grabbed your kit, got the bleeding under control and went on my way to the emergency room. 80 stitches later, he was all closed up and is now up and hunting again. Your dog first aid kit had what I needed in a desperate situation. Thanks."

B.M., Illinois

"I showed your kit to my dog training people and they were very impressed. I sent your web-page to them and am going to buy another kit for them."

P.H., Virginia

"The sample kits you sent me were of excellent quality. I will be carrying your dog first aid kits in my clinic. Best regards."

J.R., DVM, Wisconsin

"The quality of your kit is outstanding; I never go into the field without my 777 Sport Dog Field Kit. Thank you."

B.T., Oregon

"Wonderful dog first aid kits, you've got a customer for life. Add more products so I can by them from you too!"

D.R., California

"Thank you for the fast delivery of a great product, the 1000 Pro Model Canine First Aid Kit".

J.S.Y., Texas

"My dog cut a footpad, just like your Betsy did. We flushed it, put ointment on a gauze pad, and wrapped it with the pressure bandage. Our Vet commented on the quality of your kit, especially the easy to understand step-by-step instructions in your first aid guide. Thank you so much."

T.O., Arkansas